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F100 device

Equipped with an M1-LTE/NB-IOT modules , multi -carrier sim and with optional Globalstar satellite fallback , the newly redesigned F100 MX is the most unique and powerful remote monitor on the market. we have designed the F100 M for global deployment in the toughest of situation and most difficult location

LevelCon F100 Network Connectivity and Security Features

Data Management

24/7 data access via the LevelCon Portal and Phone App. free  API services available.

Power (Energy)

Built in Micro Solar system provides10 year solar power source & 3AA battery redundancy


Simple integration and compatibility with any industry standard sensing technology

Asset Tracking

GPS enabled for Global mobile asset tracking

“Class 1 Division 1 Certified for hazardous location deployment.”

Cellular Communication

  • Cellular Communications : Cellular Communications : LTE CATM1 / NB-IoT, SuperSim for international communication
  • Local Communication: BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Satellite Communications:
    • GlobalStar- Optional Cellular monitor with Satellite fallback
  • Secure Protocol : HTTPS
  • API Supported : Json API, multiple API configurations accepted

Sensor Technology and compatibility

  • External locking system to connect any industrial Sensor, delivering Data at optimal price
  • Sensors Supported:
    • Submersible Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor
    • Industrial High PSI sensors
    • Bluetooth Sensors
    • Non-Contact: Radar and Ultrasonic Sensors
    • Propane Sensors and Dials
    • Others (MODBUS and any Serial Sensors)
      • Flowmeters
      • Gas Meters
      • VFD’s

Solar Power

  • No Power!! No Problem!!
  • LevelCon’s unique Solar Harvesting
    • Integrated powerful micro-solar panel
    • Operates from the energy stored from solar energy to a Supercapacitor.
    • 3AA battery backed up solution for indoor applications
  • Low Cost Maintenance:
    • Solar charging system provides power for up to 10 years.

Installation made easy

  • Magnetic installation to any metal tank
  • CID1 certification for installation in hazardous locations.
  • Strap openings make it easy to install on Non-Metallic Surface
  • Light weight, Sleek and ruggedized design makes it perfect fit for Mobile/Stationary Asset monitoring

Most efficient monitoring even at remote places

Get LevelCon device for make your asset a smart asset

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